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  • Technical SEO Is a Necessity, Not an Option
  • During the last decade, SEO has altered more than any other marketing tool. The SERP is long gone as we knew it; search is now diverse, visual, and everywhere. As SEO is a collaborative discipline that involves a convergence of several specialisms to achieve optimum performance, this has a very important effect on organizations. The field of technical SEO, which has remained the basis on which every effective strategy is developed, lies at the heart of this.

    A Brief History of Technical SEO

    Since the early days of SEO, when technological abilities were dominant, the means of achieving this goal have changed significantly. The content was secondary, it was just a way to provide and boost rankings with keywords. Over time, this expanded to include link building, based on the key early innovation by Google of using links to assess and rank content.

    The aim of marketers has remained constant: to draw organic search traffic on their website that has been converted. As a result, some advertisers were doing whatever it took to achieve high search rankings.

    To exploit their rankings, black hat SEO practitioners and search engine optimization agencies have moved on to link buying as soon as Google caught up with keyword cloaking. A lot of those murky strategies were compensated for by the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes.

    SEO has moved from a fully logical discipline to something more rounded in the process, including the traditionally right-brained imaginative content domain. This has changed the shape of SEO departments and required cooperation with other departments of digital marketing.

    Technical SEO is more crucial now than ever

    There are lots of SEO services companies in India and SEO has grown to be part of something broader and it is important to apply technical knowledge differently. It has expanded, if anything, into a more advanced and sophisticated digital channel that has outgrown the category of search engine optimization.

    The foundational pillars of organic search remain firmly in place, with overdue prominence as a driver of the web, mobile, and device success granted to technological SEO. SEO professionals are always at the forefront of technical advances, and in a world of voice search, digital assistants, and progressive mobile applications, this looks unlikely to change.

    New approaches are needed if we are to exploit this opportunity. That starts with the concept of exactly what SEO means and extends to how we conduct cooperation within our organizations. The level of technical insight necessary for results has moved back to the levels it once was.

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